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Warranty Busters: Avoid These Pitfalls

Take a look at some simple but costly mistakes that may void your warranty, and how to avoid them.

Stripped Threads

When installing the new oil cooler fitting, take care not to force the thread. If not aligned properly the threads could strip and void your warranty.



Stray electrical currents can cause leaks in cores. Take care to make sure that all electrical is properly grounded throughout your whole system, or it could end up that your core is the path of least resistance and will in turn void your warranty. Learn more about electrolysis.


Inlet Erosion

Damage to the filler neck or hose connections as a result of water, steam, recycled anti-freeze, or other non-approved additives will not be covered.

Over-Pressurized System

A quality radiator, like Northern Radiators', will do it's job best when part of a quality system. An over-pressurized radiator is usually the first sign to a larger mechanical issue. Most often it is the first sign to a blown head gasket. More rarely it is the result of a worn radiator cap. It is essential that a new cap always accompany a new radiator. For more information please see How to select a radiator cap.

Corrosion from chemical catalyst


Fertilizers and other chemical catalysts accelerate deterioration and are not covered by warranty.

Damage Not Related to Craftsmanship

When removing the old radiator take note of which bolts go where. It is imperative that the correct size bolts be put in the correct place. Too long of a bolt could cause damage and make your warranty void.

Contaminated Coolant

Coolant that appears rusty is contaminated from oxidation or possibly mixing different types of coolant causing premature failure.

Shipping damage

Shipping damage

Any shipping damage will be filed with the carrier and needs to have a claim filed separately and not in connection with warranty returns. When returning product to Northern take care to package properly.

Proper Packing and Pallet Stacking

To ensure product arrives in good condition, make sure all boxes have proper packing to protect the product to its final destination. Stacking boxes vertically protects the product using the strength of the box (as shown). This will reduce the chances of re-boxing fees and shipping damage during transit back to Northern.

At Northern Radiator we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality. We stand by our products and if at any time you have questions or concerns we want to hear about them.

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