Northern Radiator

Hoist RW0260-45 Breakdown Parts

Here is a breakdown of Northern Hoist RW0260-45. If you need additional information on which hoist you have, go to What Brand Hoist do I Have?

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Parts List:


A.) RW0281-D  45" Table Assembly

O.) RW0160-24  Bolt Assembly

B.) RW0281-26  45" Table Only

P.) RW0160-23  Brake Knob & Screw Assembly

C.) RW0280-31  Clamp Post

Q.) RW0260-1  Cylinder Only With Shaft

D.) RW0280-34  Clamp Casting With Nut

R.) RW0281-4  3" Piston Assembly

E.) RW0160-8  Clamp Casting Nut

S.) RW0281-4-4  3" Cup Only

F.) RW0280-33  Upper Pad Casting

T.) RW0281-8-2  Lower Shaft Bushing 3"

G.) RW0280-32  Lower Pad Casting

U.) RW0281-8-4  Middle Stop Shaft Bushing 3"

H.) RW0280-29  Pivot Bolt Assembly

V.) RW0281-1-25  Top Cylinder  Bushing 2 1/4" x 3"

I.) RW0280-28  Pivot Plate

W.) RW0088-A  Kingston Valve

J.) RW0280-38  Clamp Screw-Stainless Steel

X.) RW0039  Air Regulator

K.) RW0260-15  45" Complete Arm

Y.) RW0039-2  Gauge

L.) RW0260-25  45" Arch Only

Z.) RW0046-25  Amber Latex Test Hose, 25 Ft Roll

M.) RW0360-19  Brake For 45" / 55" Arch With Steel Wheels

AA.) RW0280-49  Test Valve

N.) RW0360-21  Steel Wheels

BB.) RW0043  Air Copper Overflow Tubing 5/16" x 25 Feet