Northern Radiator

Custom Radiator Kits

Create a Custom Radiator at a Fraction of the Custom Cost!

Use Northern Radiator’s custom radiator kit! Choose the size that fits the project car. All the parts to complete the custom radiator are in the box! This is not just any ol' radiator. Choose from 2 or 3 rows of 1" inch tubes bringing you the best aftermarket cooling that you'd expect from Northern Radiator.

  • Use as cross-flow or down-flow
  • Radiators with cooler have an 8-plate, 10" aluminum hi-flow oil cooler with 3/4 NPT fittings on 8 1/2" centers
  • 2 rows of 1" tubes for high performance cooling
  • Machine billet aluminum SAE compliant filler neck
  • These radiators have a 1/4" plugged NPT port

NOTE: These kits require aluminum welding and fabrication. Each custom radiator kit includes:

  • (1) Blank Radiator,
  • (1) 1 1/2" Connection,
  • (1) 1 3/4" Connection
  • (1) Billet Aluminum Filler Neck
  • (1) Overflow Tube
  • (1) Weld-on Bung
  • (1) Draincock

Northern Radiator's  custom radiator kits are sold as an unfinished product, fabrication and T.I.G. welding required, normal Northern Warranties DO NOT APPLY.

Part # Overall Downflow or
Oil Cooler Hurricane Engine
Driven Fan Shroud
Electric Fan &
Shroud Assembly
209661B 16"x20" Both No ------- -------

204100BC 16"x20" Both Yes ------- -------

209662B 16”x22” Both No ------- -------

209663B 16”x24” Both No ------- -------

209657B 16”x26” Both No ------- -------

209620B 16”x28” Both No Z40027 Z40081

209628B 16”x31” Both No Z40028 Z40071

209600B 19”x22” Both No Z40020 Z40073

204101BC 19"x22" Both Yes Z40020 Z40073

209642B 19”x24” Both No Z40024 Z41035

204102BC 19”x24” Both Yes Z40024 Z41035Z40094Z40098

209601B 19”x26” Both No Z40021 Z40074

204103BC 19”x26” Both Yes Z40021 Z40074Z40091

209602B 19”x28” Both No Z40022 Z40002

204104BC 19”x28” Both Yes Z40022 Z40002Z40075

209603B 19”x31” Both No Z40023 Z40003

209659B 21 1⁄2”x22” Both No ------- -------

209664B 21 1⁄2”x26” Both No ------- -------

209683B 25 1⁄2”x22” Both No ------- -------

209684B 25 1⁄2”x26” Both No ------- -------