What Brand Hoist Do I Have?

Grey but some other colors offered in the past All are red
Square tubing for braces

1/2" rod for braces                                        

Cylinders are 3" or 3.5" OD
Reservoirs are 3.875" OD

We have parts for Northern and Barbee hoists only.

RW0260  Tiltalift RW0460  Tiltalift RW0560 Rotolift

What's My Hoist Part Number?

RW0150 RW0150
RW0160 RW0160-35
RW0260 RW0260-45, RW0260-55
RW0360 RW0360-45, RW0360-55
RW0460 RW0460-55, RW0460-65
RW0560 RW0560

Which Hoist Do I Have?

  • RW0260, RW0360, and RW0460 have 3.5" OD cylinders.
  • RW0150, RW0160, and RW0560 have 3" OD cylinders.
  • RW0360 and RW0460 are electric hydraulic, and all others are air hydraulic.

(RW0150, RW0160, and RW0360 were previously offered and are no longer available.)

RW0260 Tiltalift RW0460  Tiltalift RW0560 Rotolift

What Style Table Do I Have?

  • RW0150 doesn't have a table.
  • Tiltalifts are on RW0160, RW0260, RW0360, and RW0460. Tiltalifts have arches. See table below for table size available for each hoist.
  • Rotolifts are on RW0560 only.
Table RW0160 RW0260 RW0360 RW0460 RW0560
35" Tiltalift X
45" Tiltalift X X X
55" Tiltalift X X X
65" Tiltalift X
Rotolift X

What Size Table Do I Have?
Measure along bottom of table from outside to outside.

38"  35" Tiltalift RW0280-26 RW0280-D
47.5" 45" Tiltalift RW0281-26 RW0281-D
57.5" 55" Tiltalift RW0282-26 RW0282-D
68" 65" Tiltalift RW0460-26 RW0460-D
35.25" Rotolift RW0285-26 RW0285-D

What Brass Block Is In The Clamp Casting?

The clamp casting with nut.
Northern has a round clamp casting nut.
Barbee has a square clamp casting nut.

Which Valve Does My Hoist Have?

Kingston Valve RW0088-A

Air hydraulic hoists from Northern and Barbee have a Kingston valve which is RW0088-A.  

Northern electric hydraulic hoists have Greeson or Bucher valves.  Greeson valves are no longer available through Northern but can be updated to a Bucher valve using a Bucher Valve kit which is RW0460-BVK and includes the valve.

Barbee electric hydraulic hoists have Greeson valves and different microswitches.  Barbee needs to be contacted for replacing these valves.

Which Pivot Plate Does My Hoist Have?

Northern pivot plates (RW0280-28) for 35”, 45” and 55” tables use a ½” bolt. The grease zerk is in the plate.

Northern pivot plates (RW0460-28) for 65” tables use a 5/8” bolt. The grease zerk is in the plate.

Barbee has a different style pivot plate than Northern. They use a ½” bolt on both their small and large hoists. The Barbee grease zerk is in the bolt and not in the plate.  We do not offer Barbee pivot plates.

A Northern pivot plate can be used on a Barbee if the entire assembly is changed out. For an RW0260, this is RW0280-29 and RW0280-28. For an RW0460, this is RW0460-29 and RW0460-28.

RW0280-28 RW0460-28


Are The Brake And Arch From Northern or Barbee Interchangeable?
Northern brake and arch can be used to replace a Barbee, but you must replace both at the same time.

Are The Tables And Clamp Posts Interchangeable?
Northern and Barbee tables and clamp posts are interchangeable.