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Low Clog Radiators for Heavy Duty Truck Applications

Posted on Feb 8, 2024 by Northern Radiator

If you've heard the term "low clog radiator" lately, you might be feeling a little confused about exactly what that means. Let's dive in a bit deeper into how this term has evolved in order to better understand where you might hear it come up.

What's a Low Clog Radiator?

The specifics behind what constitutes a low clog radiator design can vary, but the primary distinguishing factors have to do with the overall fin count and design. The typical fins per inch (FPI) in most standard heavy duty truck applications are 16-18 FPI utilizing a louvered fin design. In contrast, a low clog radiator may only have 13-14 FPI and use a non-louvered design. (You may have also heard this flat fin design referred to as a "cotton core" or "feedlot core" at times.) Common applications where this type of radiator design might be used would be extremely dirty conditions; things like feedlot trucks, logging/forestry trucks, or similar challenging environments where the design may help cut down on the impact of debris.

Are There any Drawbacks to a Low Clog Radiator?

Potentially, yes, depending on application. Due to the decreased number of fins per inch, combined with a less efficient fin style, the total cooling capacity of a low clog radiator will be less than a standard radiator style in the same size or dimensions. Because of this, low clog radiators should not be used in any applications where it's not specifically designated by the OEM. In other words, low clog radiators are NOT interchangeable with standard radiators, but rather are a specific design intended only for certain OEM applications. Attempting to use a low clog radiator where it isn't specified could have very negative effects on your overall cooling system and engine.

How Do I Know if My Application Has a Low Clog Radiator Available?

If browsing on Northern Radiator's website, log in to your account to access full search capabilities. Once logged in, enter your OEM number into the search box to identify replacement products meant to fit that application. Low clog styles will be identified as such in the available product information and specifications.

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