Northern Radiator

Northern's CAC Isolator Kit means savings right in the box!

As an added benefit, Northern Radiator   includes isolator kits with some of our most popular charge air coolers.

Why is this a big deal?  

  • Save $60-$125 over OEM kits
  • Protect the newly installed CAC with new proper mounting rather than using the old, worn out rubber isolators.
  • NO ADDITIONAL COST to you - Savings right in the box!!

In addition, these kits are sold individually to replace worn out isolators on Northern's or the OEM charge air cooler!

Contact our customer service to determine the correct isolator kit for your application.

Z70216 CAC Isolator Kits

Isolator Kit: Z72016

Mounting Kit: Z72018

Mounting Kit: Z72019

Isolator Kit: Z72020