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Which fan shroud to use for your Jeep application?

Generally, both Electric and Engine Driven Fan Shrouds are effective for cooling. There are however a few points to consider, which may affect your final decision...

Stop & Go Driving:
Low engine or driving speed contributes to heat build up and the low speed offers little RAM effect of air flow as you would experience at highway speed. If most of your driving is at low speed, consider our MAX (High CFM) fan shrouds, or add an electric “pusher fan” to supplement your engine driven fan shroud.  

Tight Engine Quarters:
If your engine compartment is cramped and the air passing through the radiator will have a difficult time exiting, you may choose a MAX (High CFM) fan as an alternative.

Limited Space Conditions:
This may require you to choose a low-profile fan option. These slim fans fit in tight areas.

Today, 70% of project vehicles
have engine driven fans, and 30% choose electric. Whatever your choice, the right fan and shroud will do the job!

Weigh out which cooling fan type is best for you.
Electric fans have advantages, but so do engine-driven fans. Your fan and shroud choice is important in your vehicle's operation. Please carefully consider which fan or shroud assembly will provide you the best cooling options.

If you are unsure, ask an industry expert like Northern what they recommend, but be sure to provide all the details so the answers you receive direct you to the right choice.

Still not quite sure?

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