High Performance Brushless Fans

Powerful Cooling in Tight Spaces
Most high-performance vehicles today involve big engines which take up a lot of space and require a lot of air to keep cool. Traditional brushed high CFM fans with shrouds will typically run between 4.5" - 5" thick (or more) which is too big for many spaces. Most Brushless Fans & Shrouds from Northern require only 3.5" of clearance and move a tremendous amount of air for effective cooling.

What Makes a Brushless Fan Better?

  • Long Lifespan, No AMP Spikes: There's nothing to wear out in a brushless fan and no damaging AMP spikes. Brushless fans only draw the power that's needed and will ramp up from zero to the required draw for cooling the current temperature of the engine.
  • More Powerful Motor: Did you know that CFM ratings on fans are done at zero resistance? When you're pulling air through a radiator, possibly an intercooler, and a condenser, you need enough power to draw air through a lot of resistance. This is where AMP draw rating comes into play. Many high CFM brushed fans will only have an AMP draw of 18-25 AMPs, but a brushless fan can draw up to 40 AMPs for greater power.

  • High Efficiency, Variable Speed Control: Forget simple on and off--variable speed provides the right amount of cooling to meet the demands of the moment.

  • Hundreds of Applications: Our Brushless Fans can go into almost any application, including race, muscle cars, and engine swaps. (Have an even tighter space to work with? Give us a call--we've got options!)

Long lifespan, high efficiency, less room required, no AMP spikes and a more powerful motor--the brushless fan might be the answer to your cooling needs!