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92% of UTV sports owners will accessorize their vehicle and spend $1,700 doing so

Only 24% of utility UTV owners do not plan to accessorize their vehicle

Of the categories surveyed, aftermarket websites and catalogs ranked in the top third for purchase influence

Texas and California are the largest volume of UTV owners, but legislature being passed like bill S.5821, in New York, to use already collected funds from licensing to connect and enhance off-road trails and many other bills and legislature will significantly increase demand from the aftermarket.

Estimated total spend on UTV engine performance was $92 million in 2014, the highest spend category of accessories

UTV sales are currently out ranking ATV sales 5 to 1

42% of UTV owners also own ATVs


UTV Market Update

SEMA recently published a market update

on this rapidly growing after-market industry. The insights are bar-none vital to being at the forefront of growth over the next several years.

UTVIn markets such as California, sport-focused UTVs like the Polaris RZR shown here make up the majority of sales.

SEMA News—July 2017


By Clint Simone
UTV Market Update

New Products and New Customers Drive UTV Market Growth


Still riding the wave of a recent marketplace shift, the utility task vehicle, better known as the UTV or side-by-side, is at a major crossroads. Intensive growth in product development and surging sales have helped the side-by-side to become a new staple in the off-road community. Continue reading

UTV market on growth trend through February


Stat Surveys data shows Nashville UTV growth up 20 percent

UTV sales nationally grew by 1.6 percent through February 2017, according to 12-month rolling sales data supplied exclusively to Powersports Business by Michigan-based Statistical Surveys, Inc. The data includes all sales of any make, model or manufacturer of UTVs sold at a variety of retail outlets, including powersports dealerships and outdoor power equipment dealerships.

The UTV market was up during the period, with 8 of the top 10 metro markets showing growth. Dealers in Nashville, Tennessee, saw UTV sales growth of 19.8 percent on average, the high-water mark for the nation. Boise-Nampa in Idaho followed with 16.5 percent growth, with Detroit up 15.1 percent. 

Source: Statistical Surveys, Inc.


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