FANS & SHROUDS - NEW & Only found at Northern Radiator

Switch out your engine driven fan to a Northern Electric Fan and Shroud!
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When selecting a fan for your performance diesel applications, it is important to consider several things:

Advertised CFM is relevant ONLY if there is NO resistance to the air flow. This is not the case with engine cooling.

In diesel applications you have a radiator, condenser, and charge air cooler to draw the air through. This means a lot of resistance to air flow. We’ve built our performance diesel line around quality and performance. We have selected SPAL fan products, which are specifically designed to move enough air through these high-density applications. With the quality of SPAL you’re sure to get the cooling your hardworking system demands. 

Z40122: ‘01-’05 Chevy Diesel

Z40124: ‘06-’10 Chevy Diesel

Z40116: ‘03-’09 Dodge


Have you ever said, “man, there’s just too much room under the hood”?… Didn’t think so.

With the slimmer design of brushless fans, they not only out-perform, they save space!

So, what are the other benefits to brushless fans?

  • More Power
  • Last Longer
  • No AMP Spike
    • Unlike the typical brushed fan that has a peak power surge at start up and then runs at a maximum power draw, our SPAL brushless fans draw minimal AMPs at start and only draws what is needed, when it is needed.

Z40123: ‘01-’05 Chevy Diesel

Z40125: ‘06-’10 Chevy Diesel

Z40117: ‘03-’09 Dodge Diesel

With Northern Radiator's fans and shrouds you not only get a quality product, but we include the proper wiring kit and instructions to ensure smooth installation without error codes being thrown from your truck's computer.